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DASC Chicago
3047 N Lincoln Ave, Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60657

Phone: 773-494-5505
Fax:      773-857-1164

DASC Chicago
180 N Michigan Ave, Suite 2350
Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: 773-494-5505
Fax:      773-857-1164

Contact Information

Rodney J. Benson, Ph.D.

Elaine Gordon, LCSW

Kerry Curran, LCSW

Lauren Neaman, Psy.D.

Chelsea Ragsdale, LCSW

Katie Lenahan, LCPC

Caroline Burke, LCSW

Dipali Bharadwaj, PsyD

Molly McLeese,  LPC

Danielle Levy Walsh, MSW 

Becky Martin, LPC

Elizabeth Dahll, MSW

Zinal Patel, LCSW

Ken Cunningham, LPC

Emma Schwartz, LCSW

Jaclyn Goldman, LSW

Jenna Schloss, LCSW

Vince Henneburg, LCSW

Elinor Marboe


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